Play Therapy

Children sometimes have big emotions in which they are still unable to express through words. That is when play therapy steps in. Play Therapy is a session for students to express their emotions through play. Students in Cherish Academy can be eligible to join this session if there are references sent to the certified therapist regarding the student for parents or teachers.

Mandarin Class

Children can choose to take Mandarin class. In Mandarin class, children will learn to speak, listen and write in Chinese. Children will also practice their Chinese skills in various school events, such as reading Chinese poetry in Chinese new year celebration, singing Chinese songs in teachers’ day, and making Chinese arts and crafts for parents day.

Student Counseling

Growing up, children may face challenging situations in which they need guidance in character building. Cherish Academy’s staff and teachers are accessible to counsel and help them through the process. With our Student Affairs division, children can share their struggles and emotions.