Nurturing Learning Needs

Some children with special learning needs may need time to adapt to the school’s regular class. For children that need more time to adjust themselves, children are given additional attention in a small class size.The learning process will be monitored individually and educators will provide each student with an Individual Education Plan.

Small Classroom, Loving Teachers

Added with arts, dancing, money math lessons and additional life skill classes, children with learning needs will be more comfortable in this learning setting. Infusing Biblical character and the knowledge of the Bible, children will have activities centered around character development and understanding the fear of the Lord. Educators in the classroom are passionate and loving, building the classroom in a loving and nurturing environment. Children will learn the importance of helping one another and growing together, each according to his or her potential. Equipped with the knowledge of English, Math and character building, a number of our graduates from the SPED division have successfully continued to their chosen vocational schools and chosen vocation in life.