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Hybrid Curriculum Supervisor (facilitator) and English Teacher

Is this you?

Are you passionate about being an English Speaking Supervisor (facilitator and guide)
to 13-18 year old students to finish their (individually adjusted according to their capacity) core standard skill subjects and in facilitating the development of each of their own life stories, passions and contributive skills?

Do you love:

Encouraging and listening to teenager’s
Interests and curiosity in their creative or learning endeavours?

Do you have a vision and talents to:

innovate educational logistical responsibilities technologically (e.g. writing students agenda, simplifying online learning workflow in Google edu) develop, offline or online, engaging, fun and surprising projects under the umbrella of the principal’s briefs that opens the teenage eyes to the Value and Power they can have from commanding the English language well, written or spoken.


This Supervisor Will:

Help the ecosystem of the school by documenting the character, creative, and
academic progress of their upper class section (SMP-SMA) Students, guide and
reminding them to finish their personally assigned goal to finish a standardized goal set by them and their parents by the end of each semester.


English language both online and offline, engage in English with fellow Staff and Students in a kind, friendly and professional manner in such a way that every working and teaching experience experienced by the Cherish community will indeed be of cherishable value and is Cherished.



1. An English Major Graduate or prolific in commanding the English Language both
In speech and writing

2. Two Years Experience in Teaching students or 1 year experience
but having an excellent recommendation from an institution.

3. A Bible-based Christian

4. A Team Player; Flexible, Listener, Sympathetic, Communicative and Cooperative to assigned Leaders and colleagues

5. Capable of using Google Suite / Classroom / apps

6. Additional certification of any sorts at hand will be helpful.