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Cherish Academy is an Individual Learning Inclusive School that recognizes children’s individual talents and capacity. We aim to provide a community environment that enables children to progress and thrive in their education in accordance to their own learning speed. Cherish Academy believes that education is a continuous process in life, and some of the most important duties of educators are to increase the child’s curiosity in learning and equip them to be able to continue learning in the future.

What does it mean by Individual Learning Inclusive School?

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Integrity in Christ Respect Individual Uniqueness Inclusivity

Cherish Academy bases its character building program from the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum where we incorporate the 90 character traits demonstrated in the life of Jesus Christ. The traits are presented in poems, songs, character strips and activities in the student booklets. Before children begin their academic learning, each class will have a devotion in the morning. Children will also learn character through the boys brigade program with activities that build team building and develop creative skills.