Character Building From the Start

English as a second language class is a preparation class for children to enter the primary level.The curriculum is designed to introduce children to the fun and wonder of learning. Our students are introduced to Biblical characters and various activities to stimulate their interest in learning. In this class, students will be introduced to phonics, how to read and the concept of numbers.

In this class, children will explore their learning with singing, dancing and group reading. With the step by step process, we help children grow and gain confidence in their ability to learn. By integrating Bible stories and Biblical characters into the program, children will be exposed to the importance of fearing God since the beginning of school.

Self Exploration and Individually Paced

Our curriculum encourages self exploration and individual paced learning. Blending the Accelerated Christian Education program with the National Program, we encourage students to explore independent learning from a young age and the importance of goal setting, integrity and character in their everyday lives.

With an inclusive class environment, children will understand the beauty of diversity and teamwork. Our small class size gives students the individualized attention they need from the educators. We also provide additional services for children with learning needs through Play Therapy and counseling.