Cherish Academy is accredited A by Indonesia National Accreditation Organization of Early Children's Education and Nonformal Education (BAN PAUD dan PNF)

Individual & Inclusive

What does it mean by individual learning inclusive school?

We believe that each child is unique and gifted according to their own talents. We accept and respect children with learning needs as we believe all children deserve quality education, regardless of their academic performances.

Hand in hand with parents, we strive to cater for each child’s educational needs. In Cherish Academy, students will experience the combination of learning in an individual office and in class system, on levels depending on the student’s diagnostic test. By integrating the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum, national curriculum and other enrichment classes, we provide a flexible learning system that can fulfill individual student’s learning patterns.

Continual Character Development

Cherish Academy bases its character building program from the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum. The character traits are presented in poems, songs, character strips and activities in the student booklets. Before children begin their academic learning, each class will have a devotion in the morning. Children will also learn character through the boys brigade program with activities that build team building and develop creative skills.