Each child has a purpose in this world

Cherish Academy encourages children to explore learning in their own way. He or she is blessed with their individual talents and abilities, each beautiful in its own ways. But the traditional learning system tends to group children into categories, and forces children to follow a set of speed learning expectations in a uniform way. When this system might be favorable for a few children, some do not fit into the program. Children can feel bored when they can understand lessons much faster than other students, some might be too burdened to study and give up on studying altogether. This is why, Cherish Academy focuses on individual learning programs

Individualized System Curriculum

In Cherish Academy we adopt an individualized system curriculum, where children can progress independently through the curriculum. Upon entering the school, children will be given diagnostic tests to measure their degree of understanding on each subject. Each child will then learn in a step by step process and to ensure mastery before progressing to another concept. Students are thought to set their daily goals, to teach them the importance of managing time purposefully and setting goals in life. For field and project works, we allocate a specific time for students to explore group works and express their lessons into actions. Through various practical programs such as social studies and science projects, poetry and essay writings, music performances and art exhibitions, children will be given the platform to practice the theories which they have learned and exhibit their works in a yearly activity, or better known as The Student Convention.