With the individual system our school offers, we have successfully prepared students to embark on their next journey, worldwide! Our students have graduated from universities with degrees chosen according to their interests and skills. From Jakarta to Cambridge here are some of the universities that our alumni have graduated from.

Nicholas Aaron Omar, MPhil., BSc. (Hons) Nicholas Aaron Omar, MPhil., BSc. (Hons)

Nicholas Aaron Omar, MPhil., BSc. (Hons)

The experience I had in Cherish was one that shaped me into who I am today. Spending most of my primary and secondary academic life there taught me many things. Among them, I learned how to plan my studies through setting my daily goals for PACEs, balance my studies and hobby in sports, and coordinating events be it by organising futsal friendlies with other schools or arranging training sessions.

But from all of these, the one thing that I will never forget was how I had fun going to school with my friends there. There was no age, classroom, or intellectual divide, we all studied and played together. We have the flexibility to explore things we are curious in, be it learning a new sport or even investigating the different types of rocks and insects at the park.

This is what differentiates Cherish from the other schools I attend, they gave me space and flexibility to socialise with all students in school, and to be creative in exploring the things I loved. And these traits have helped me tremendously in university to connect with people from different backgrounds and pushed me academically to explore things outside what was taught.

Nicholas studied in Cherish Academy from grade 1-10, he finished his bachelor degree in University College London and master degree in the University of Cambridge. Currently working in a climate change consultancy, this is his testimony regarding his experience in Cherish Academy.

Febe Evangelista, S.I.Kom.

Having been trained with individual learning and proper English, I really have no problem studying in university.

Febe is in Cherish Academy from grade 7 - 12. She took her bachelor degree in Performing Arts and went to the Netherlands for student exchange in 2016. She graduated from the London School of Public Relations in 2017. She is currently opening a learning center of her own, focusing in pre-primary and primary students. Her fondest memory in Cherish is the friendships she can tailor and maintain many years after graduation. She also vividly remembers how one of her teachers always paid attention to her spoken and written English.

Febe Evangelista, S.I.Kom. Febe Evangelista, S.I.Kom.
Ronald Justino, S.E. Ronald Justino, S.E.

Ronald Justino, S.E.

... It turns out that Cherish is suitable for me and helps me to grow more independent in learning. Previously, it was difficult to study, I have no intention to learn. But Cherish builds my motivation and confidence.

Ronald is our highschool alumnus who entered Cherish in his teen years. Being a teenager, he once thought studying is frustrating, and his previous school does not give him the chance to grow, in Cherish, he realized that studying is actually fun. With the nurture of caring and understanding teachers and given more time to explore his hobby in football, he began to find confidence in learning and joining competitions. In Cherish, he was allowed to make mistakes, and learn from it.
He graduated from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. As a university student, he was active in joining organizations and competitions, some of his achievements were:
- Champion ACT Creatifest,
- 3rd Runner Up, Institut Pertanian Bogor Business Plan Competition
- 3rd Runner Up, Unissula Semarang, Smart City Business Case
- 3rd Runner Up, UI Fakultas Ekonomi, Business Plan Competition
- Best Speaker, Trisakti Marketing Plan
- 3rd Runner Up Pitch First Prasetiya Mulya Master Program, English Presentation

Natasha Celia

At first I was shocked how trusting the teachers were. They actually treated me as a person, and did not drag me to study, instead they encouraged and helped me to like studying.

Natasha graduated grade 12 from Cherish Academy. She was looking for a school that understands her and cares about her growth. In her previous school she felt so pressured to excel in her academics and she was often given the load to learn without the help given. In Cherish Academy, she is grateful that she was given the guidance, assurance and the trust that she can manage her studies. The inclusive environment taught her a lot about the various type of friends and people in the society and her ability to adapt to differences.
Natasha is currently in her third year of studying psychology at Universitas Pelita Harapan.

Natasha Celia Natasha Celia