Choosing the Next Phase of Learning

The upper level is for students from grades 7-12. At this level, students can choose between the international and the national program. In the international program, students will utilize the Accelerated Christian Education program, enhanced with national subjects in integrated classes for the preparation of the standardized tests and universities. In the international program, students will have the choice of various electives such as Successful Living (the Books of Proverbs), Nutritional Science, Health, Music, any many more. Students who are planning to continue learning in vocational schools or foundations can choose to graduate with grade 10 certification. Students who wish to continue learning in universities can choose to graduate with grade 12 certification. Students can also choose to participate in the national exam to acquire the national certificate.

Small Class Model

In the national program, children will be learning essential subjects in the national curriculum and 3 subjects of the international program. The small class system is prepared for them to enter national universities. The main aim of the national system is for children that aim to study in Indonesian universities and acquire only the national certificate. With a smaller and explorative class, children will be able to learn without the pressure of unnecessary competition. Children will be enhanced with field projects and assignments to equip them to enter university. In this program, children will be given more hours to prepare for the national exams and focus on preparing for university or college.